How should an edutweetpanel look? Is it good? Useful? Let's hash this out and see what we think.

hawaiianbrat96's thoughts of edutweetpanel:
I believe edutweetpanel has great potential among educators. Many educators, like those who have participated in #educhat so far, benefit from the collaboration we can bring in 140 characters or less. I want to see it expand and become a weekly chat session online!

I think we can benefit from using Twitter and the discussion areas within the wiki itself. We do not want to max out our tweets, but still want to facilitate and expand on Twitter by snagging ideas from those who have yet to join edutweetpanel. I think by using the discussion area for each #educhat we facilitate, we can not only expand the conversation over the 140 characters limit Twitter imposes on our responses, but also be able to continue the conversation well after we move onto future #educhats.

I also feel that we should pose a time slot, versus seeing how long we can go. By having a set time slot, people will try to set that time aside to be there and participate, versus having to leave in the middle of the #educhat. Let's face it: educators can chat education all day and all night, especially when it comes to what we use in the classroom, and what we feel will work and won't work. This will more and likely boost participation and people will make attending and being online for our #educhat sessions part of their routine.

Having a set topic for each #educhat session would be helpful also. We had so many ideas and topics swirling around for our first #educhat that it became a little overwhelming for many, including myself. I think this might have scared off a few people.