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Wednesday Aug 5, 2009 8-10 pm EDT

Moderator: @coolcatteacher - Teacher, IT Director Cool Cat Teacher Blog
NEW Tweetgrid with NEW Panelists and the final hashtag!!

OK, at 9:20 I met my limit for too many tweets and was kicked out - -unfortunately I was in tweetgrid and tweeted for 15 minutes before I figured this out! ;-) I'm kicked out of twitter for a bit, think the tweet panels will have to be about 30 minutes-45 minutes in length - if someone sees this, please share it with everyone! Sorry it kicked me out! - Vicki Davis - Cool Cat Teacher

How does this work?

Each panelist will address one question each 10 minute segment with a tweet and tag it with the hashtag - the questions will appear for a period - and anyone can join in the discussion. The topic is about tips and tricks and technology for back to school - but we need to come up with a set of agreed upon questions. I'm still new to this but let's learn together! We need more panelists - add your name! Everyone welcome!

Proposed Hashtag(s):

#educhat -- Add this tag to EVERYTHING we do tonight (tweetgrid has a place for this.)


Add your handle, and brief relation to education here. We can have as many as we want! Add it if you want to be on the official tweetgrid!
  • creativeclimate: Intermediate elementary teacher who is constantly searching for the best wikis/embeddable widgets to enhance the learning experience of my students.
  • BArcher001: NQT specialising in Humanities & Religion, who is always looking for the best educational tools to use in the classroom.
  • damian613: Former secondary English teacher, current school psychologist. Knowledgeable in English and special education.
  • akh003: English teacher, high school
  • plnaugle I teach 4th graders math and English in New Orleans. I design lessons with embedded technlogy for my students.
  • shellterrell I teach English to elementary, high school, college, and adult students in Germany. I integrate educational technology daily into my classes.
  • hawaiianbrat96 I work in Clark County School District in Las Vegas, NV. I currently teach English I and English II to 9th and 10th graders and facilitate the English Virtual Lab for English credit deficient students in 9-12 grades. I aim to conquer the classroom through technology to continue to engage and motivate students to learn.

Proposed Questions

Questions -- Also, anyone want to volunteer to put some twitterpolls out there for these time slots? Sign up. Also, we can pull these out of the search and onto a wiki page by searching for these tags - anyone game to help with that? This is an experiment - how much collective goodness can we harness from this little experiment. How can we mash it up and make it cool - push it. Innovate.

8:00 - Tweet out the link to this wiki and invite participation.
8:01 - Blogging - Our topic will be classroom blogging - try to share a tip, links, classroom examples, uses, favorite video tutorial #blog #edchat
8:10 - Wikis - Wikis in the classroom - tips, links, classroom examples, video tutorials, uses #wiki #edchat -- post a link that either 1. explains what a wiki is, 2. wiki rubric for scoring or 3. A "Hall of Fame Wiki for organization, content, collaboration or educational inspiration.
8:20 - Educational Networking, some call this socio-academic networking and using for education - sites,examples, links #edchat #network
8:30 - Calendaring and communications - how do you communicate, share dates, events, best practices, ideas #edchat #cal
8:40 - PLN's - personal learning networks - are they important, how do you teach students to build them, what role do they play, how can you use twitter for this? Links - #edchat #pln
8:50 - Post one example of your digital footprint (thanks K. Fisch) for others to see (i.e. delicious account link, blog ink, wiki link, etc.) #edchat #digfoot
9:00 - Digital Citizenship Education - how do we teach students about their digital footprint and digital safety - share links to best practices, examples, and tweet your thoughts. #digcit #edchat
9:10 - Digital Storytelling - Share a link, best practice, good example, tools, etc. #edchat #video
9:20 - Handhelds & Itouches & Cell phones - What are you doing? Share links, best practices, tips, apps, thoughts, advice. #edchat #itouch
9:30 - eBook Readers - Where is this going? Things that should be considered? Ideas, tips, best practices. #edchat #ebook
9:35 - Maintenance, IT, Tech Integration - Tips for maintaining a school networking, keeping equipment in working order,etc. #edchat #it
9:40 - Cell Phones in the Classroom - Tips and Ideas for using cell phones in the classroom. #edchat #cell
9:50 - Global Collaborations & Flat Classrooms- What will you be doing? Why is this important? Share links and examples #edchat #flat
9:50 - Enter the "Web 2.0 Smackdown" Phase where we share as many tips, tools cool tools as possible that teachers should use - this is free for all madness and stops when we do (about 10pm but hopefully others will pick it up and let it keep going #edchat #web2

9:59 - Say goodnight with your favorite video about education and invite people to create their own edutweetpanel on our wiki!

Notes --
What is a new tool you'll be using this year in your classroom?

I plan on using VoiceThread, Glogster, and Voki for projects this year. I am trying to decide the best way to have individual blogs for my students. I will be using a class wiki this year. (pln)
I will be using VoiceThread and a class wiki. I really want to have the parents more involved on my children's wiki. I will also be using SecondLife, Smartphones, Twitter, podcasts, Skype, and ESL chat robots with my adult students.

Do you have a global collaboration that you will do? Share the link.
@paulawhite and I started a collaborative wiki for classes across the US I also participate in many of the projects hosted by Jen Wagner at her site I also added this page to this Wetpaint site and plan to have my students complete it. (pln)
@ozge from Turkey, @marama from New Zealand, and @shellterrell from Germany started a VoiceThread project for our kindergarteners! We will be finishing the Elephant Story that was begun and welcome any other elementary students to join the project!


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